Three steps to a high salary (and a comfortable life)

Do you want to earn more money?Do you want to earn more money?This is exactly what we will talk about in today's article (and I have already written several such articles already). To do this, you will have to make some efforts (some of which are already in the planning, some that will become more clearly apparent).Step #1. Reduce the tasks you do Not go to work every day. You probably also noticed that you had to drastically reduce your number of hours of work — so that you are always "on the clock". To do this, whenever you want to earn extra money, do the following:write a list of tasks that you need to do on the upcoming Monday.write down the steps that need to be taken in order to achieve your goal;remove those tasks that do not bring any extra money (but are still there, because they serve all your financial needs).Step #2. Pay yourself every time you spend money Every time you receive a salary, pay yourself 10% of the amount of the amount received. Do not forget to make a "financial cushion" — this is a kind of "pillow" that will help you out of any situation. situations. Step #3. Get a promotion At work, you always have the opportunity to accelerate your career by requesting an additional 1% per month. To do this, first of all, make a good habit of saving 10-20% of each of your salaries.Step #4. Buy currency, stocks, and other financial instruments Every month. This will allow you to gradually generate substantial capital (the income from which will be fully realized). personal income). Step #5. Give up "insider trading" Never do this, because it is extremely easy to do this. In the long run, the stock market is always growing, and the salary received is always limited.Therefore, do not take the time to "watch" the developments of the stock market and make trades.Instead, learn to "make money" by making money on the stock market every day. month. Step #1: Learn to earn money yourself. To do this, read any personal Finance book, listen to any financial literacy book, and write out all the rules for managing money in your hand.To do this, check the following sites: personal Finance (where you can find a wealth of information on personal Finance and investment);investment and online resources;personal Finance app "Personal Finance Manager" for your phone;investment strategy;investment strategy.To get started: read any personal Finance book;look for any hints for additional income;invest regularly (both by buying currency, stocks, and other financial instruments).2) Watch your income Growth This is probably the most important tip for your personal income. growth.Think about it